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Many people visiting are looking for Garmin Map Downloads

There's a huge volume of websites offering free Garmin downloads. Some are listed in other categories on this site, such as Garmin Voices, and Garmin POI . There's a load of other sites offering Garmin downloads to enable you to completely transform your Garmin. We currently reviewing them and want to put the best here. We need your help to do that !! MySatNav.Info wants to list the best "Other" Garmin downloads here. Send us your links !

CNET Garmin and GPS Downloads CNET has a selection of GPS related downloads to use with a Garmin. Listed downloads include Garmin Web Updater 2.0.2 , Easy GPS 2.3.8 ( Create, edit, and transfer routes and waypoints between your computer and your Garmin) , CartoPro Evolution (for Garmin) etc
OpenStreetMap for Garmin Open StreetMap - Free GPS maps for Garmin units. These maps were generated from OpenStreetMap data by Radomir Mucha-Kruczynski using a program he wrote. He doesn't guarantee the quality of the map, as these are projects in development. There are still blank areas on OSM map, but it's a very good effort for a free Garmin download.
Maps n Trails Garmin Maps Maps 'n' Trails has a number of Maps, Routes and Trails for your Garmin. Lots of free Garmin map resources are listed here.