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For help and advice with your Garmin, you can draw on the experience of fellow Garmin usersThere are a number of newsgroups and website forums catering for Garmin owners. Learn how others get the best from their Garmin, keep up to date with the latest Garmin news, or use these Garmin user groups to find the answers to specific Garmin problems, and get Garmin help and advice. MySatNav.Info has found some really useful forums and communities, the websites and newsgroups we've found are listed here :-

Pocket GPS TomTom Forum The Pocket GPS Forum users have posted a total of 412287 GPS / SatNav related articles, many about Garmin. These forums have 273764 registered users, which is an impressive number of Sat Nav and GPS owners, many with Garmin.
Zumo Forums Zumo Forums ( is a superbly put together online froms specifically for users on the Garmin Zumo range of Satnav GPS Devices. The helpful members of this community will willingly answer all your technical questions, and just by reading previous posts you'll get some great ideas.
GPS Review Forum GPS Review website has an impressive Garmin forum. When we checked, any Garmin related questions were answered by up to 6 forum members within a day.
Garmin Usenet Newsgroups :- alt.satellite.gps.garmin