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POI downloads for the Garmin SatNav GPS Device

Your Garmin already has lot's of POI's (Points of Interest). They can assist your navigation and make your trips more interesting. To get the best out of your Garmin, you can download all the Garmin POI categories that fit into your whole family's hobbies, work and leisure activities. MySatNav.Info has found some awesome Garmin POI downloads, the best Garmin poi download websites we've found are listed here :-

Pocket GPS POI Garmin is a great Garmin resource with more than 300,000 Points of Interest (POIs) available - for FREE! Pocket GPS also has a very well known and respected UK Safety Camera Database.
POI Edit for Garmin PoiEdit is a shareware program that can manage many Garmin poi (places of interest) files from your desktop PC and saves or loads them to or from your Garmin
Garmin POI - Points of Interest for the Garmin Sat Nav is a fantastic website and community that has amassed a fantastic database of every UK Garmin POI you could possibly need, available as a free download.
Nav Voices This site offers free POI downloads of UK company information for use with TomTom. POI Position data comes from the centre of the UK postcodes. POI's from here are generally very accurate especially in built-up areas, but the site says POI's could be less precise in rural parts, due to the way post codes are allocated.
Garminfree POI files for the Garmin allows you to download and use up to 20 of it's Garmin POI sets absolutely free. Try them out and see the quality and reliability. Should you want more Garmin POI's then you can buy their disk of over 100 Garmin POI sets. This will save you a lot of time and effort, downloading different files, sorting them and trying to locate them on this and other various Garmin "free" sites.